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Judy Jacobs: Standing Strong

Judy Jacobs is minister and leader of His Song Ministries, founded in 1989 in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Since then, Judy has expanded her ministry by recording music albums and teaching materials. In 2002 Judy established the Press, Push and Pursue Women’s Conference, and the International Institute of Mentoring. 
Judy excels in training women who are called to minister the Word of God.  Her goal is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the avenues of preaching and teaching the Word of God, through her mentoring and women’s conferences, through the ministry’s Marriage Enrichment Seminars, and via music evangelism with His Song Music Group.
Judy is the author of several books including her upcoming release, Standing Strong.

I’m just going to stand and when I stand I’m going to stand in faith, stand in power, stand in authority, stand in boldness, stand in what the Word of God says.  I may be tossed, I may be turned, I may be swayed, but I’m not going anywhere, because I’m standing firm, standing strong on what God said. —Judy Jacobs

Fresh Outlook:  Minister Judy, thank you for allowing us to glimpse inside of your heart and ministry today.  One of the first things people notice about you is your boldness and the authority you walk in.   How do you walk in that degree of authority and boldness?

Judy Jacobs:  I think that the authority that God has given to each believer comes by faith.  The Bible says that God has given to every man and woman a measure of faith.  The Bible talks about great faith.  The Bible talks about people who are strong in faith, full of faith and even those weak in faith.  But what you have to realize, is it’s still faith.  Because all you need is a mustard seed grain of faith. 

I saw a mustard seed one time, and it’s very, very tiny.  But if you have a mustard seed grain of faith, you can move a mountain.  And I believe if you need a mountain to move, God can literally move a mountain.  If you need a sea to open, God can open up a sea.  All you have to do is have faith in God.  He can do anything.  Anything is possible, Mark says.  Anything is possible, if you have faith. 

I can believe anything the Word says about me, because I was raised in that kind of environment, in that kind of culture; a culture of prayer and faith.  I was taught to believe and go after God.  My Mom always had a passion to go after God.  She was a devout believer in prayer.  You know, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, T.L. Lowery, and my pastor in my church always had a special place in my mom’s house.  Their pictures were on the mantle, and she would always pray for these powerful men of God and their families every single day.  And it was a very holy place.  I am very thankful for my heritage, for what God had put inside my mother and my family, because I feel like I benefit from their devotion, from their call, from their gifting that God placed on them.

FO:  And for those Christians who may not have grown up with that kind of culture, how could they come to walk in that kind of authority?

JJ:  The Bible says to draw nigh unto God, and He will draw nigh unto you.  To seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.  The Bible says that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead shall also quicken your mortal body.  I talk about that in my book, Take It by Force.  I discuss from the heart that although you may not come from a background of solid faith such as myself,  God still wants to use you right where you are.  There are no more excuses to what God wants us to learn and grasp.  Some will need the elementary things,  there isn’t anything wrong with that.  The Bible says to despise not small beginnings.  For someone else it may mean going on to stronger things, such as the meat of the Word.  But wherever you may find yourself, start right where you are.  Whatever your measure of faith is, let God use it to bring you to fulfillment of your purpose and your destiny. 

I love what Joseph Garlington says in his book, Worship: A Pattern of Things To Come: “Don’t despise where you are in the river.  And don’t look down on people who are not where you are in the river.”

Tell God that you want this boldness, you want authority, you want this power, and the one way you’re going to get that is to be seeking Him out.  It’s not in a vitamin.  It’s not in who you know.  Iron sharpens iron.  You can get it out of people who are anointed.  If you get around Pastor Benny, you’ll get healed, because he has a gift of healing.  You get around Marilyn Hickey, you’re going to memorize scripture and you’re going to get a love and desire for missions.  You’re going to want to go overseas with her.  If you get around Bishop Jakes, you will get loosed. 

Iron sharpens iron, but you’ve got to go after it for yourself.  You’ve got to desire the things of God, you’ve got to desire the spiritual things.  And you have to go after everything that God says you can have — anything you’re believing for, anything you’re wanting.  You just go for it.  You must ask.  Ask, and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock, and the door will be opened.  Because they that ask, receive.  And those who seek, find.  And to those who knock, the door will be opened. 

FO:  What would you say to those who feel they have failed to stand up under strong opposition?

JJ:  Opposition is strong.  The devil is like a roaring lion and he seeks to devour.  The devil doesn’t want to slap you on the hand.  He doesn’t want to injure you.  He doesn’t want to put you in the hospital.  He wants to kill you.  He wants to destroy you.  He wants to chew you up, spit you out of his mouth; dig a hole; bury you in the hole; cover the hole up; and then stomp on the hole.  He is a destroyer.  First of all, he is a liar.  The thief cometh not but to steal, kill, and destroy.

What people need to understand is that they have an adversary.  If you’re just kind of floating along and then all of a sudden the bottom falls out, what do you think happened?  You have an adversary.  The devil is after you.  The Bible says, many are the afflictions of the righteous.  Jesus said, in this life you will have tribulation.  In this life you’re going to have problems.  But then He said, be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world. 
FO:  Once we understand we have an adversary, how do we become a person who can stand up under any opposition?

JJ:  It’s a choice.  It is a choice to say things are going to change today.  One of the things that I talk about in this book is a line that God spoke to me one time:  In order to have what you have never had before, then you have to do what you’ve never done.

In order to see what you’ve never seen before, you’ve got to do what you’ve never done before.  Sometimes I think we get into a comfort zone.  We must stay challenged, we are supposed to stir up the gift of God inside of us.  I think sometimes God will challenge us to go to another level because I think sometimes we commit the sin of satisfaction.  We become satisfied.  The flesh is weak, but the spirit is always wanting to go up.  The spirit always wants more.  That’s why Paul said the flesh has to die daily.  The flesh is always in enmity with the spirit.  The flesh never wants to do what the spirit is prodding it to do.  That’s the reason why Jesus said, you’ve got to walk by the spirit, you can’t walk by the flesh.  The flesh kills.  The flesh destroys.  You have to make a decision that you’re going to do something in order to have what you’ve never had, or to see what you’ve never seen, or do what you’ve never done. 

The Bible says those who hunger and thirst after righteousness are the ones that are going to be filled.  If you don’t have a hunger for God you’re not going to get all that God has for you.  He’s not going to come, open up your mouth, and pour it down your throat.  It’s always been a choice.  He’s not going to shake you and wake you up, you know.  But if you’re really serious about going to another level and especially if you are going through a situation right now.  I may be talking to some people who are really going through something right now and you’ve really prayed and you’ve not seen the results.  I want to challenge you to go a step further.

In my book I talk about the authority unleashed.  It’s like those trainers with those big lions, those big cats going into that ring.  I love Barnum and Bailey Circus.  The scariest part to me is when the trainer walks in.  That trainer walks in with those big huge cats, lions and tigers.  I have yet to see a trainer walk in there sheepishly.  They walk in there with authority, they’ve got their head back, they’ve got that whip in their hand.  They walk in there with authority and boldness because they’ve been trained. 

That’s how we must walk.  The devil knows the look of faith and he knows the look of doubt.  You don’t go in your own power or authority.  You go in the name of Jesus.  You have God the Father on the right side, you’ve got Jesus on your left side, you’ve got the Holy Spirit who’s before you, who is a teacher, who’s a leader and a guide.  When you go to the gates of Hell, you are not by yourself.  You walk in that authority knowing Who is with you. 

FO:  Everyone needs to read Take it by Force.  And now I understand you have a new book coming out.

JJ:   I am very excited.

FO:  The new book is Standing Strong; may we have a sneak peak?

JJ:   Well, I tell you what, you write a book about “taking it by force” — faith that stands firm in the face of opposition, you had better be ready because you are going to have to live it.  God brought us through a season of having to stand firm in the face of opposition, now we are having to stand strong.  So that is what this book is entitled.  The Bible says having done all to stand, you have to still stand.  You know, the devil comes to take one thing away from us, and that is our standing stance.  Because we stand before God in faith, we stand before God in prayer.  It is a stand that says, having done all to stand, I am going to still stand.  I’m not going to bow.  I’m not going to give in.  I am not going to sit down.  I’m not going to lay down.  I’m not going to quit.  I’m just going to stand and when I stand I’m going to stand in faith, stand in power, stand in authority, stand in boldness, stand in what the Word of God says.  The winds are going to come, and the storms are going to blow, but it’s then that I’ve got to set my feet.  And I’ve got to set my self where when the winds blow, and the storms come, I’m still standing.  I may be tossed, I may be turned, I may be swayed, but I’m not going anywhere, because I’m standing firm, standing strong on what God said.  Adversities can come, but I’m going to stand in godly character. 

I think people need to understand that the devil wants us to sit down.  Because when the devil came to Jesus, he said, “if you are the Son of God, fall down there and the angels will bring you up.”  Jesus said, you know, thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.  I am not going to fall down.  I am just going to stand.  You know, it is written.

“If you are the Son of God then sit down here and let these stones be turned into bread,” the devil replied.

And Jesus said, It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from God…I’m not going to sit down, I’m just going to stand on what the Father has told me to do.  And the Bible says that the devil left him for a moment, for a season.  When Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane, He said, Father if there is any way, let this cup pass from Me, nevertheless not My will. 

So, you must get in a standing stance.  What does it mean to stand strong?  Walking in the Spirit.  You must be confident in your calling.  You must be strong in adversity.  You must be balanced in godly character.  You must be violent in your faith.  You must be persistent in prayer.  You must be consistent in your praise and your worship.  And having done all, you must still stand.  I mean, you’ve got to realize that if he can get you to quit, if he can get you to sit down, if he can get you to lay down, if he can get you to give up on what God has promised, if he can ever get you to doubt, then he’s won.

The victories are coming.  They are on their way.  It’s like Daniel, who prayed 21 days.  And the angel of the Lord said, I heard you the first day you prayed.  The first prayer that you prayed, God heard it and sent me forth with the answer.  But there was a King of Persia, and you have to understand, that this was not a human king.  It was a spirit, a spirit of Persia that hindered me from coming and bringing your answer.

There is always going to be a spirit of prevention.  I talk about it in my book, Take It by Force:  A spirit of prevention, that prevents what God has promised you from coming to you.  You have to keep praying and keep believing.  That’s what Daniel did.  He kept praying, he kept praying, and kept praying and believing that God was going to hear and answer his prayer.

So you have to be persistent.  You stand before God and say, “I will not quit.  I will not budge, having done all to stand.  I’m going to still stand.  I still believe your Word.  I still believe your Word.  I still know that you are God.  I still know that you are the healer.”

You have to take a stand.  Sometimes you have to take a stand  in the face of what feels impossible.  And if you stand, He will stand with you.  And if you stand, you will come out on the other side of that thing.  You know Job said, when you try me I will come forth as pure gold.  Sometimes when you are standing God just wants to see what you are made out of.  He wants to see if He can trust you.  If He can’t trust you with small things, how can He trust you with big things?  If He can’t trust you with a small seed, how can He trust you with a large seed?  If He can’t trust you with a small ministry, how can He trust you with a large ministry? 

You stand before God, like the widow woman.  The Bible says she came before the unjust judge, and said, please Lord, avenge me of my adversary.  And he had no regard for her, he had no regard for God.  But she was wearing him out.  She couldn’t bribe him, she was a widow. 
And I don’t know what had happened but it was somebody that was coming against her.  It was an adversary that was coming against her.  And she was saying you must avenge me of my adversary.  And she kept coming, she kept standing, she kept coming, persistently, persistently.  He would go to the grocery store.  He would go to the restaurant with his wife.  Wherever he’d go, there was widow woman, avenge me of my adversary, avenge me of my adversary.

And he said, unless I do this, this woman is going to drive me crazy.  And the Bible says, hear the cry of the unjust judge.

God is not the unjust judge.  But you must keep petitioning Him.  There is a process He is taking us through to see just what He can trust you with, to see what you are made out of.  I believe that God is shaping up the church, He’s growing us up and it’s painful sometimes.  It’s painful to stand, cause you want to quit, you want to give up, you want to sit down.  You want to lay down, you want to say I’m tired of this, this is not working and I’m just not praying about it anymore.  But you know, the darkest hour is right before dawn.  I sing a song, “You’re One Step Away From a Miracle.”  Take one more step, believe God one more time.  Just keep standing.  I believe that sometimes God will not get you out of things, I believe He will bring you through it.  Because sometimes if He takes you out of it, you forget about it.  Many people want to give up on their dreams.  They want to give up on what God has said.  They want to give up on their children.  They want to give up on their marriage.  They want to give up on the blessings of God.  But you must stand in faith.  Knowing when you stand, you will see the salvation of the Lord. 

It’s going to be a powerful book.  It’s probably one of the most powerful things that I have done.  I am very, very excited about it, because of the content of it, and because of where we are right now, my husband and I.  You know God spoke to us in January, and said this is the year I want you guys just to jump.  Just jump.  Jump out of the boat.  We have jumped out of the boat, and we are finding that we are walking on the water a little bit.  Sometimes we go under, but we have definitely jumped.  We are standing in faith believing what God has promised.  So we are standing on that.  We are living out the book, before it’s even out.  It’s a challenging journey, but it’s a journey with lots of promise and lots of hope and we know in the end what happens. 

FO:  It sounds like a wonderful book, I can’t wait to read it — thank you for that sneak peak.  Let me ask you this question, what do you feel is the greatest issue facing Christian women today?

JJ:   I think women are still dealing with, am I called, can I go? Can I give?  I love my friend Joyce Meyer.  Every time I listen to her, she is always eating my lunch, she drinks my milk, too!  But she said something the other day, I was listening to her broadcast.  Matter of fact, three years ago, she said to me (I am sure people have heard her say this before):  I was sitting with her at TBN, and we were in the green room.  She was going to be speaking that night, and I didn’t really want to bother her.  You know, she’s Joyce Meyer.  So she said, “come over here, talk to me, tell me what’s going on in your life.”

If Joyce Meyer tells you that, you just sit down.  So I just start talking, at the time, my husband and I we were trying to make some decisions.  And she said to me, “Judy, sometimes you’ve just got to step out and find out.  Of course, if you never step out then you never know.  And you’ll always think, ‘I wonder what would have happened if I would have stepped out?’  But if you never step out, then you will always wonder that.”

And she said something the other day on television that was so funny.  She said when the Lord called her to preach, she said back to the Lord, “You know Lord, I am a woman and people don’t like women preachers.”

And she said, “I could almost hear the Lord, say, ‘you know what Joyce, you are exactly right.  I forgot all about that.  You know I don’t know how I made that mistake.  Listen don’t even worry about that.  I made a mistake.  I can’t call women to preach.  That’s right, yeah.  ‘Forget it, forget what I just said.’ ”

The point she was making was that God knew what He was doing when He called her to go preach to the nations of the earth.  Women have got to realize, if there is a call on your life, God knows there is a call on your life, and He knows opposition is out there.  But there has never been a greater time, there’s never been a more openness, than there is right now.  It’s a great day where we are right now, in ministry and in the nations because a prophecy is coming to pass.  I would just encourage women to go after everything that God has put in you.  Go after it.  Don’t let anyone hold you back.  Don’t ever let anything hold you back.  Seek the Lord, and God will open the doors, God will make a way. 
Keep things in perspective, keep things in order.  Don’t get flaky.  You’ve got to walk in obedience, and walk in the time and the season when God opens it.  To everything there is a time and a season and you have to know your time and you have to know your season.  And when your season and your time comes, you must walk in it.  When it’s not your time, stay put, until you know you hear the word of the Lord is saying behind you, this is the way, now walk you in it.

Today, I would encourage women to seek the Lord and then when God opens doors, walk through that door, because He will open doors that no man can shut and he will shut doors that no man can open. 

FO:   Thank you for that encouraging word.  And thank you again, for a glimpse into your heart and ministry.



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