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Releasing the Power of the Holy Spirit


Oregon is where it all began for me. I can still remember the peaceful sounds of the rivers, the pine trees, the fresh air. It was along the banks of Oregon’s rivers that I learned how to pray. Even the soft colors of the evergreens were peaceful, and the mountains made me think of God — tall, immovable, final.

To this day, if I was to compare anything to the peace of God, it would be the still quietness of Oregon’s wilderness. In the natural, I could not have had any better surroundings to help move me over into the things of God, and for that I am forever grateful.

Several years ago, I was watching an educational program that talked about the way a baby elephant is trained to be a circus elephant. The circus trainers begin by tethering the baby elephant to a stake with a small leather strap tied to one of his hind legs. The poor little elephant wears himself out struggling against the leather strap until eventually he gives up and accepts the fact that he can never break free. Afterward, it doesn’t matter how massive the elephant becomes, the prison is in his mind. He has accepted a stronghold, and even though the elephant has everything it needs to be free, he remains in bondage for the rest of his life.

Too often our Christian walk is better described by that circus elephant than by the vast, quiet Oregon wilderness of my youth. But that isn’t how God intended for us to live our lives in Him. He is waiting for us to leave behind our lives of self-imposed bondage as He ever beckons us to enter into a new realm of peace and rest in Him.

But what can we do to answer this divine call to a life of greater power and greater intimacy with the Father? That question is answered in my book The Walk of the Spirit — The Walk of Power. Through an in-depth study on praying in tongues, the book explores the powerful place of rest and refreshing this revelation gift holds in our lives as believers.

You see, the enemy trembles at the thought of you partnering with the Holy Spirit until the Spirit of God is released to do what He is ordained to do in your life — searching out the origin of any and every problem, destroying it from the roots. Therefore, if there were only one door that the devil could keep you from entering, it would be the door of praying in tongues. He hates it second only to salvation and wants to make sure you never go through it.

Why does the devil hate this revelation gift so much? Because praying in tongues is the search engine that activates the process of releasing the Holy Spirit in your life. As you go through this supernatural door and begin to pray much in other tongues, you will cease to be like the elephant whose strongholds remain buried somewhere in his past. When this revelation gift is in operation, there is no place that strongholds of bondage can hide — not in your past, not in your soul, not even in the wrong teaching you may have received.

There is no greater application of God’s power to your problems than through the work of the Holy Spirit. He cannot be deceived, and He never fails. He and He alone is ordained to do what no man can do: to step into the patterns of your failures and break their cycle once and for all. You see, one of the enemy’s greatest weapons is to keep you repeating the past. But the Holy Spirit is not only waiting to break the negative patterns of the past in your life; He can also establish you in God’s plan for your future through the powerful gift of praying in tongues.

God is a God of order, not of confusion. He wouldn’t give you an unclear, confusing path to walk down. Your life is worth a whole lot more to Him than an occasional impulse that you’re not sure of or an emotional high that never seems to go anywhere. But God’s plan for your life isn’t revealed to you all at once; His direction grows like a tree. As you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit works out the divine plan for your future, using His power to pull you into that plan as His direction grows stronger and stronger. The apostle Paul wrote about these truths in Ephesians 1:13,14:

In whom [Jesus] ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,

Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.

When a person finds a house he wants to buy, sometimes he puts down earnest money as a token of his sincerity. The earnest money has the power to hold the house until it becomes the possession of the buyer.

You are Heaven’s most prized and costly possession, purchased by the blood of Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is the earnest of your inheritance. He has the power to hold you until you become Heaven’s final possession.

I spent several years not knowing how to release the Holy Spirit’s power and direction in my life. I had been baptized in the Holy Spirit for several years, and I knew Jesus said we were supposed to receive power after the Holy Spirit had come upon us [Acts 1:8]. But whenever I heard a preacher teach on the Holy Spirit, I felt like raising my hand and saying, “Excuse me, Sir. Is the Holy Spirit who dwells in me the same One who moved on the face of the deep during creation?”

He would answer, “Why, yes, it is.”

Then I would reply, “So how do I get all that power out from the inside of me and onto my problems? I need to find out, because up until now, sickness has been running over me; I’ve struggled with strongholds that seem stronger than me; and circumstances expect me to lie down and quit every time they knock on my door!”

During those times of confusion, I often thought how nice it would be if we were given a special Bible the moment we were born again. At the end of that Bible would be a book with our name on it. In this book would be the whole plan of God for our personal lives. Every time we wanted to know what we were supposed to be doing at a certain age, we would just open the book and read our answer.

It took me quite awhile to discover that, in reality, there is a book with my name on it. The Holy Spirit brought it with Him when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Not only does the Holy Spirit have the mind of Christ resident within Him regarding God’s personal plan for my life, but He also brought a supernatural language from Heaven with which to pray out that plan. And the same is true for you!

Praying in tongues is like any other form of prayer in that it is designed by God to be answered. However, the form of answered prayer this kind of praying takes is in the direction and the leadership of the Holy Spirit for our personal lives. God is a loving Father who loves His family, and He wants us to walk in the fullness of His power and His plan for our lives. So whom better could He have sent to teach us than a member of the Godhead Himself? And who knows more about the family of God than the Holy Spirit?

I can still remember the campmeeting where I was preaching when my staff surprised me by sending me the first copy of the book The Walk of the Spirit — The Walk of Power, just off the press. It had been two years in the writing and editing process, and I had no idea it was that close to being finished. But there in my hands was the book we had worked so hard to complete — 400 pages on how believers can walk out of everything Jesus said they are free from and into everything He said they could be. That was when the Lord spoke to me and said, “This book I have given you will change people’s lives where it finds them.”

I began to weep because I knew where I had come from, and I knew that what God had done for me, He would do for anyone. And as time passed, testimony after testimony began to pour in, confirming what God had said to me.

Whatever circumstances you are facing, no matter how bad things may look, you can know this with certainty: To God, these obstacles are just your starting point, the platform from which He can do what He does best — the impossible. However, the measure of God’s power in your life is dependent on how much of your life is ordered by the Holy Ghost. So how do you launch the Holy Spirit from the platform of your circumstances to bring His power to bear on every problem, every adversity, and every stronghold in your life? How do you release Him to bring His divine direction and His indescribable peace into your daily life? You do it God’s way — through the priceless gift of praying in tongues. It is through this revelation gift that the Holy Spirit will pull you out of everything Jesus set you free from and into everything God created you to be in Christ.

Dave Roberson pastors The Family Prayer Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Whether home or abroad, Dave's ministry has always been marked by a free flow of spiritual gifts and by outstanding creative miracles and emotional healings as he teaches others to hunger after a deeper, more vital walk with God. He is the author of The Walk of the Spirit — the Walk of Power.






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